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Why are Frogman Sculptures Retired?

Tim Cotterill Frogman Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures BF104 Snail Polish

Did you know all of the Frogman sculptures by Tim Cotterill are published in carefully controlled, limited editions?

Once the edition is complete, the foundry destroys the original mold. As Tim Cotterill continues to gain prestige as an artist, his editions sell out more and more quickly. In 2006, Tim achieved a milestone in his career as a sculptor, as his new piece, “Tulip” sold out upon release. The process of occasionally retiring an edition allows Tim to be able to focus on the creation of new pieces. After collectors have had an opportunity to acquire a sculpture, it is retired and will not be available again. As the number of sold out and retired sculptures grows throughout Tim’s career, his collection becomes a historical portfolio of the development of Tim as an artist.