Introducing Wallis!

The Frogman Foundry is delighted to release the 11th sculpture in Tim Cotterill’s owl parliament!

My love of nature became the inspiration for the images I fabricated. Two distinctly contrasting concepts harmoniously coexisted in both my mind and my tiny work space. On the one hand, I created sculptural forms from the natural world, and on the other, I pushed the latest trends of motorbike design. Using many of the same materials, I challenged myself in developing new production techniques for both endeavors. The birds from my earliest childhood memories took form out of metal scraps from my latest motorbike metal modification. I sculpted owls reminiscent of my childhood forest adventures and images my mother had surrounded me with, capturing their form, grace, personality and noble demeanor.

– Tim Cotterill

Heavily patterned earth tones transition from the back of its slender form to a marbled, milky patina. Searching for a target, Wallis gazes keenly at its surroundings, clearly embodying characteristics of the typical barn owl.