Jose Muñoz Bronze Scultpures

At an early age Jose’s passion for art began by molding with extra dough from his mother’s cooking to sculpt four-legged critters, usually cows and dogs. He also loved to run outside when it was raining to make his own “clay” from mud, creating animal figures and playing with them until they became dry and crumbled. Self taught he has been drawn to sculpting because of his inner need to create. He pursued this interest in art while working at a fabrication foundry where he continued to hone his artistic skills.

From his work with many talented artists, he was encouraged to sculpt his first hummingbird. “I love the feeling of freedom and joy that I get during the process and completion of a Hummingbird sculpture.” Mesmerized by the impressive aerobatic maneuverability of these petite birds that fly forward, backward, sideways, upside down, straight up, with a pause to hover – Jose’s sculptures bring to life the joyful happiness of the wind trilling beneath the hummingbird’s wings.

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